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Moutai Institute (MTI), a full-time undergraduate institution approved by the Ministry of Education, was funded by Kweichow Moutai Co., Ltd. and established on May 23, 2017. Located in Renhuai City, the well-known “Liquor Capital of China”, MTI is the first non-profit undergraduate institution in China to cultivate applied professionals for the liquor-making industry, which mainly focuses on full-time application-oriented undergraduate education and will timely develop graduate education in the future.

MTI, taking liquor and spirits distillation engineering as the pivot, has developed a coordinated multidisciplinary system with various related fields.  The Institute comprises 8 teaching departments and 13 undergraduate majors, two of which were listed as key provincial disciplines. MTI is building and improving a scientific research team with academic leaders as the core and reasonable structure through sharing resources and cooperating closely with the Technology Center of Moutai Group - a national technology center. It is also improving the scientific research level by continuously strengthening consciousness, increasing funds investment, improving incentive mechanism and creating a good atmosphere. 

Our Mission

To serve the liquor industry and our country based on Moutai Group, and embrace the whole world.

Our Motto

Combine ability with virtues; Integrate theory into practice.

Our Orientation

To build a small but excellent, open and application-oriented undergraduate institute with distinctive subjects.